Renault Gordini is back!  

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Renault will bring back one of its most famous badges Sport - Gordini! French companies will use it to best-selling rival mini, which have enormous success with its model of Cooper and Cooper counties.

Sitting slightly lower than the performance of the scope of the current Renault, Gordini brand will create a new series of the hot hatch, so that the opportunity to buy more personalized cars.

Gordinis will be a wide range of mixed paint schemes, body stripes and alloy wheels portfolio. This is a way to work at a very good mini - and the Fiat Abarth line with - and Renault want to use. The first model will be the Twingo Gordini, This is expected to close in 2010. Will be followed by hot version of the Clio, and the new Megane coupe shown here. This has become a well-known blue paint Gordini and striking white stripes and contrasting black alloy.

Renault’s senior vice president of global marketing – Stephen Norman – confirmed at the Geneva Motor Show that both Gordini and Gordini S cars are likely.

"Our goal is to re-Gordini approximate the MINI Cooper and Cooper S," he told Auto Express. This will leave room for the Renault brand will further increase the scope of - the foundation on the introduction of new models at Geneva - provide a warm and Gordini performance. Electricity is likely to provide a new small-capacity turbo Trichlorethylene.

Gordini cars when they first came to highlight the Formula One race at 50. The company then with Renault, adjust the engine to create a fast road cars, including 8, 12 and - Finally, in the eighties - at Gordini 5.

The idea to make the name back to Renault are to promote in order to increase their awareness, Norman said: "from 2003 to 2007, Renault's brand image decline, especially in the United Kingdom, from the level of public places and on, we are now." Boss think that the new design - such as Renault Megane Coupe and Clio - will add the arrival of Gordini stimulate sales. Norman recommendations, Gordini can be used as the backbone of a new club event formula.

Decided to resume high-level brand to abandon the project after an alpine comeback, which will include a new sports car. However, Renault has decided to focus on the scope of the financial significance in the current recession.
Source: autoexpress

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