Video: Tazzari ZERO EV to Arrive in North America Early 2010  

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A new electric vehicle is to be produced in Italy under the name Tazzari Zero. By the beginning of 2010 these cars will have begun their import journey into North America through a company called Verdek-EV. Verdek-EV was appointed as the sole distributor for the North America, Mexico and the Caribbean islands region. The Tazzari brand is situated in Italy within the same region as Ferrari and Lamborghini, but unlike those exotics it will concentrate on small electric vehicles.

The lithium-ion battery-powered Tazzari Zero has been tested to return a range of about 88 miles (142km) before a recharge which can take 6.5 hours on a 220 volt power supply unit. It has a rear-wheel-drive motor with peak torque of 150Nm. Tazzari says the Zero produces no emissions and has a top speed of 56mph but it can be limited to between 25mph and 45mph if required.

Measured dimensions for the two-door mini car are 2.88 metres for length, 1.55 metres width and 1.4 metres height.

For interior comfort features that are included are a radio/CD/MP3 player, leather steering wheel, air conditioning, fog lamps, LED tail lights, a removable sunroof and 15-inch custom coloured wheels.

The car's first public showing will be at the Bologna International Motor Show in December. The estimated launch price should be less than €20,000 a pop.
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