Kicherer Updates SL 63 RS facelift package  

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Kicherer takes the standard SL 63 AMG's naturally aspirated 6.3 liter (6208cc) V8 with 525 hp and 630 Nm of torque and boosts those figures to 560 hp and 670 Nm of Nordic strongman-like cranking power. Sounds not too excessive, a solid display of tuning propriety.

An aerodynamic kit helps improve air flow above and beneath the car while being made up of lightweight laminated carbon fiber parts to keep this SL 63 on a high-carb/low fat diet. The kit includes a new front grill and spoiler, rear spoiler for better downforce and a rear skirt with a newly-shaped integrated diffuser that assiduously ushers air flow beneath the car while framing a quad-piped sport exhaust system.

Press Release

Kicherer transforms the Mercedes SL 63 AMG into the SL 63 RS

Whilst the 6.2 litre large V8 engine in the standard modell produces 525 Ps and 630 Nm with fine tuning Kicherer have teased 560 PS and 670 Nm out of the high performance machine.

Aerodynamic kit made of carbon fibre

So the customer can experience this extra performance Kicherer are simultaneously offering a Vmax-upgrade, which disables the electronic brakes at speeds of 250 km/h. To counter this the ABC-suspension has been electronically adapted to meet the
increased demands and equipped with more sporty lines. Kicherer has also improved the brakes. Here a high performance braking system ensures adequate delaying values.

The Kicherer SL 63 RS is of course allowed to display it potential. And for this the tuner has applied an extensive exterior package of laminated carbon fibre. To visually improve the two-seater a new front spoiler, LED daylight driving lights, headlight blenders, a new front grill, a bumper on the front wings along with special mirror covers and a completely new shaped rear diffuser have been added. This latter also frames a sports exhaust system with four exhaust outlets.

Carbon fibre for the boot lid and interior

Downforce system is the name given by Kicherer to the boot lid with integrated spoiler that is also made of laminated carbon fibre and which should clearly increase the downwards pressure on the rear axle.The transformation of the Mercedes SL 63 AMG
is rounded off with 20 inch large light metal wheels, which at the front have 255/30 tyres and at the rear are fitted with 305/25 tyres.Carbon fibre is also the material from which Kicherer has made the new decorative parts in the interior. The tuner has also
added a new sports steering wheel to the package.
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