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According to an alleged leaked memo, Bugatti is planning to offer a special last-run edition called the Veyron GT. The focal point of the package is an engine upgrade raising the already astonishing 987hp to an unbelievable (literally) 1350hp (1,007kW) and 1,018lb-ft (1,380Nm) of torque resulting in a new top speed of 425km/h (264 mph). That's a 36% increase in power. As a result, in order for the Veyron GT to cope with the increased performance, a few items are upgraded. They include carbon-ceramic brakes, revised Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and a new active aerodynamics package which lowers ground clearance, adjusts rear spoiler and open/closes lids. The alleged memo states the Veyron GT now achieves 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.4 seconds and back down to zero even faster in just 2.2 seconds. Furthermore, all existing Veyron vehicles can be upgraded to GT specs. If true, the Veyron GT is stated to start deliveries in March 2009, which coincides with the Geneva Motor Show for a possible debut.
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