Next Generation Porshe Boxster Spy Photos  

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Late last year Porsche unveiled its updated Boxster and Cayman range and there are still several other models based on the same Boxster/Cayman platform in the works. One of these is a high-performance RS model, recently seen testing at Germany’s Nurburgring, and another is a chopped 'Speedster' model.

However, development of the next-generation model is also well underway and images of a prototype for the car have once again surfaced. This time the prototype has been spotted on its way to Germany’s Nurburging circuit for some high-speed testing.

It's hard to tell if this is a subtly changed design or if, as with previously-spied 2011 Boxsters, this prototype wears the sheet metal of the current car to disguise its new lines. The mismatched taillights reveal that there's something different going under the surface. These clear-weather photos hint at revised bumper contours, but as with the previous shots of this car there's not much to go on.

A rumor alleging that Porsche insiders are talking about a lightweight, turbocharged four-cylinder platform for the next-gen Boxster recently began making the rounds.

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